30 janvier, 2016

The fall of Taubira or the return of Machiavel

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An occasion shows  that french president François Hollande read the first handbook which everybody must read who intends to become a true politician: “the Prince” of Machiavel.

This time, Mrs Christiane Taubira, formerly minister of Justice, paid the price of this knowledge.
Although her Guianese voters and herself  were originally not in favour of the legalization of the marriage between two homosexuals, she was put ahead by François Hollande to defend the law on “the marriage for all”.

It is for this reason that she was selected to become minister of Justice because, as emperor Caligula who made to consul his horse, François Hollande likes to have fun to ridicule what remains sacred for the majority of the inhabitants of France.

Or she accepted this role, or she resigned in the months which followed her nomination. She thus became in the spirit of the public, the promotrice of the “marriage for all”.

Moreover, and Hollande chose her well for this purpose, the Christiane Taubira’s aspect of voodoo obeah, in addition with her arrogance of sermoniser, still increased the fury of most of the right-wing voters and even of left.
During all her stay in Place Vendôme , calumnies and insults flowed on her in the street demonstrations and on Internet. Her departure, was well regulated at the right moment, at the time to improve the image of the government of the “good” Manuel Valls.

Caesar Borgia had already made in the same way in October 1501. He had sent Ramiro Lorca, one of his hired men, to put order in Romagna, which was agitated in the north of Italy. He was a foreigner, a Spanish who bore a predestined name since in Italian, “orca” means “killer whale” or “ogre”. And the Italians hated him. Cruel, he repressed without pity and made stop the rebels even in the churches, sacred spots.

When, after one year of repression and extermination, the Romagnols were completely subjected, Caesar Borgia arrived as a saver who was publicly astonished by these exactions. On December 26th, 1502, he made cut the head of Lorca on the main place of Cesena, attracting for himself long applause of the crowd of the idiots. Lastly, he removed the poor people from his torturer.

Thank you, thank you François Hollande to have removed to us from Taubira.

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