11 janvier, 2017

Poor-minded Obama, objective agent of Putin

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At the end of the fifteenth century, collapsed the Burgundian state, the territories of which ranged from Friesland, in the north of the Netherlands, to Mâcon near Lyon, in the southern part of the current France, encompassing Audresselles and its surroundings: a state 650 miles long from the north to the south.

Duke Charles, said « the Bold »,  sinned by pride and precipitation in a struggle of eight years against his cousin King Louis XI of France, a patient, clever and skill opponent, persevering and never failing to act wisely, seizing all the opportunities offered by his foe.
Charles having left the fate of the battles decide his future, his corpse was found near Nancy, half devoured by wolves, harmless animals (according to many ecologist activists).

His states were dismembered and Louis XI seized most of them.

We have just witnessed the same phenomenon in the fight of eight years too, which opposed Barack Hussein Obama to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Obama will certainly not be devoured by the wolves but all the states of the Middle East subservient to the Americans, some of them for seventy years, have swung in a few months in the arms of Putin and Holy Russia, now the third Rome for the Orthodox but also for many practicing Catholics, since for the majority of the latter, their champion is not the old Argentinian Pope, but Vladimir Vladimirovich, the only true defender of all Christians in the Midddle-East and elsewhere.

Barack Hussein had a real design, « post-racial America, deserving minorities »,  but he had to keep it hidden if he wanted to be re-elected first, and if his party would still win the elections after his departure. And some of his electors, eventually realizing that their well-understood interests were not among those he defended, abandoned the Democrats.

During his two mandates, he endeavored to allow the United States to further loot the planet to offer a good standard of living to his electorate, largely without legal employment and without recognized qualification, whose central core is composed of descendants of slaves, and more particularly of converts to Sunni Mahometanism, but also of newly arrived immigrants . This, while satisfying ecologists of all stripes that hinder mining in the soil of the country, but not elsewhere.

To meet the needs of this electorate, ha had first, he needed the work of the inhabitants of China or the rest of Asia payed in thousands of billions of dollars, that is to say debts , repayable at an unspecified date.

And above all, to exploit the mineral and hydrocarbon resources of the Middle Eastern countries, it was necessary to expel the competitors from the zone, starting with the Russian fleet of the Mediterranean.

He therefore wanted to break the Russian-Ukrainian alliance by provoking a coup in Ukraine leading to the seizure of power in Kiev by American agents to close the Russian base of Sevastopol. With his European counterparts, he wanted to provoke the fall of Bashar-Al-Assad to chase the navy and the Russian aviation from Tartus and Latakia on the Eastern Mediterranean.

(to be continued next days)

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